About Bri Reilly

It's more than yoga

Bri Reilly is a dynamic and highly skilled yoga instructor, holding an expert-level certification with 500 hours of training. Having devoted over 1,200 teaching hours, she brings a wealth of experience to her diverse range of students. Bri's classes are renowned for fostering an exceptionally positive and non-judgmental atmosphere, empowering individuals from all walks of life to explore their yoga practice freely while prioritizing self-care.

Having ventured to nearly 40 countries, Bri sees the world as her classroom, constantly seeking to enhance her skills as both a teacher and a human being through immersive experiences in yoga and meditation globally. Her passion extends to teaching practitioners of any age and proficiency level, with a genuine commitment to creating a space where students can discover presence and inner peace on and off the mat.

In Bri's classes, you can anticipate a thoughtfully crafted yoga practice tailored to suit your individual desires and requirements, reflecting her dedication to providing a transformative and enriching experience for every participant.


With carefully chosen and mindfully trained teachers, Root to Rise now offers classes for the elderly in assisted living homes. Our excellent staff offer compassionate and versatile chair yoga classes specialized for the many challenges of aging.

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Expert Level Yoga Instructor
World Traveler
Wellness Advocate


200 Hour RYT - 300 Hour RYT - 1,200+ Teaching Hours


What Students Are saying

Bri is an out of this world yoga teacher! Her depth and authenticity shine through! You can tell she teaches from her heart space and is a truly embodied teacher. Her classes range from gentle to very advanced and she guides them so nicely with her kind spirit. Truly lovely experience practicing with Bri. 🙂

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    Cori H.