Yoga for Your Health

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Dive in the World of Health & Fitness

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Beginners & Gentle Yoga

Whether it's your first class, you're dealing with injuries or restrictions, or you just need a gentle start, we have you covered!


Meditation & Mindfulness

Discover the scientifically proven benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Choose from a wide variety of styles or have us guide you towards finding a style that you love. Meditation should be something you look forward to daily!


Yin Yoga

A deeply opening practice where poses are held for 1-5 minutes. Experience stillness and your capacity to open. 


Balance & Strength Yoga

Looking to get more physically fit and able? This style of practice will have you moving and feeling better than ever! Make every day challenges a breeze. 


Vinyasa Yoga

A fun a creative style of moving that incorporates flow, balance, strength, and flexibility!


Advanced Yoga

For yogis who are ready to level-up their practice. Explore more advanced poses that require more strength and flexibility. 


Group Sessions

$150 / Class

Get a group of 3 or more and split the cost amongst your friends!

  • Classes tailored to fit the group

  • Enjoy class in the comfort of your home or studio space

  • Fun and accessible classes for all

Private Sessions

$50-$120 / Private

Class rates vary on frequency. Couples keep the same rate. 

  • Customized classes each session

  • Enjoy sessions in the comfort of your home

  • Attentive instruction through the whole class


New Year Offer

Get started in January and enjoy 10% off your membership!



I'm not flexible, can I still do yoga?

Of course! Most people who do yoga did not start out flexible- it's the side effect of practice! The joy of private classes is you will be guided on how to become more flexible in the specific areas that you are tight!

Do you provide the necessary props for classes?

Yes! We have mats, blocks, and straps that can be provided.

I am out of shape and am nervous to start exercising. Are classes difficult?

Classes are designed to meet you where you are at. Any level of difficulty can be chosen and can even be adjusted during the session- that's the beauty of one-on-one classes!

I have injuries and previous surgeries, can I still do yoga?

If your doctor has given you the OK for movement and exercise, then absolutely. Inform your instructors of your limitations and they will be sure to keep you moving forward safely.

Where do sessions take place?

Most people enjoy the luxury of having us come to you for sessions in the comfort of your home. If this is not something you are interested in, then we have studio space available for use or we can even do sessions outside.

I have never done yoga before, is this a good option for me?

YES! We will walk you through every step of the class and teach you each of the poses in a safe and comforting environment. Unlike studio classes, private sessions remove the intimidation factor and help you specifically to understand and excel at the poses.