Genuine Stone Meditation bracelet & Necklaces

Choose from our one of a kind (literally- we only make one of each design!) mala designs or collaborate with us to make your own custom design!

Root to Rise Malas

About our malas

Each mala is made with genuine stones and is hand-tied. They are designed traditionally and each one has it's own special properties. 

Stones have been attributed with special properties across cultures for centuries, encompassing beliefs in metaphysical energies, symbolic significance, and holistic healing. Advocates of crystal healing assert that stones emit unique vibrations influencing physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Colors of stones are often linked to therapeutic properties in color therapy, while certain stones are revered for their grounding abilities, fostering stability and connection to the present. Stones also play roles in amplifying intentions, acting as reminders of goals and aiding in spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer. From holistic healing approaches to protective qualities against negative energies, the belief in the special properties of stones remains subjective, varying across cultures and individuals, yet continuing to captivate those who find value in their symbolic and spiritual attributes.

"I absoltely love my mala, I wear it everywhere and it's a helpful reminder to stay present in life. "

- Happy Customer

Inner Goddess Mala

This beauty is made from pink Agate crystals to bring emotional, physical, and intellectual balance to enable your inner goddess to shine! There are 3 Rose Quartz stones as marker beads to attract love into your life. 

Calm, Cool & Collected Mala

With the combination of multicolored amazonite and traditional rudraksha, this mala is a soothing charm. Amazonite has a mood balancing effect, while being relaxing and pain relieving. It helps you release emotional grief that manifests physically so you can regenerate and healing after stress, trauma, or injury.